San Diego's Best Tattoo Artists - 2023

San Diego Tattooing Runs Deep

San Diego is a city with a rich tattoo history. It has been a center for tattooing since the early days of American tattooing, and the scene here today is as vibrant as ever. There are dozens of talented tattoo artists in San Diego, and any list of the best would be sure to include many of them.

One of the most well-known San Diego tattoo artists is Chapter One’s very own Cash Scott. As the owner and founder of Chapter One Tattoo, Cash is a renowned tattooist whose work has been featured online and in various publications. He is best known for his photo realistic portrait tattoos as well black & gray and Japanese traditional tattoos. His work is highly sought after by collectors all over the world.

Check out the talented tattoo artists in residence, updated for 2023 at Chapter One Tattoo for examples of the many amazing tattoo artists working in San Diego today. The San Diego tattoo scene is thriving, and there are great tattoos to be found everywhere you look. If you’re looking for some new ink, be sure to check out our community of talented resident artists!

How to choose a San Diego Tattoo Shop?

When choosing a tattoo artist or tattoo shop in San Diego, it is important to do your research and look at the overall tattooing experience. Look at portfolios and read reviews to get a sense of an artist’s style. It is also important to find an artist who you feel comfortable with. Talk to the artist about your ideas and be sure that they are able to translate your vision into a your perfect tattoo. Also make sure the SD Tattoo shop is health department certified.

What types of custom tattoos are popular in San Diego right now?

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