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Established in 2011
Bespoke tattooing in San Diego, CA
4857 Newport Ave. San Diego, CA 92107
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Monday – Saturday: 12:00PM – 8:00PM
Sunday: 12:00PM – 6:00PM
morning consults available

street parking only
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The Deal

We are a community of artists committed to treating every guest with respect, inventiveness, and exceptional customer service. Our newly remodeled 2500 square foot parlor is a space for talent, cleanliness, art, laughter and bad ass tattoos. We hope you join us.


Cash Scott

Specializes in black & gray and color realism, portrait work, and Japanese traditional @cashscotttattoo

Born and raised in California, it was easy for Cash to be influenced early on by an array of incredible art. It was within his own home that he found the most support, encouragement, and inspiration…read more

Isaac Combs Image

Isaac Combs

Specializes in classic bright and bold American traditional. @Isaacjctattoo @deathlyloversclub

Isaac grew up in Southern Indiana and learned to draw from his father. Isaac did his apprenticeship under Bob Gibson back in Pheonix, Az…read more

Colton James Phillips Image

Colton James Phillips

Specializes in Japanese traditional, black and gray, American traditional and blackwork. @Coltonjamesphillips

Colton was born and raised in the city of San Diego. He always had the desire to create and imagine from a young age. Driven by his artistic desire, he pursued his passions while attending The School of Arts at San Diego State University…read more


Vyacheslav “Slava” Bodrov

Specializes in color and black and gray realism with a painterly influence. @bodrov_artist

Born and raised in the Ukraine, Slava has been painting for his entire life. He held his first tattoo machine in an art class in college and hasn’t looked back since…read more

Gary Dunn Image

Gary Dunn

Specializes in Neo Traditional, Black work & Watercolor. @daggerface

Kenny Belling Image

Kenny Belling

Specializes in Neo Traditional & Illustrative work. @kennybtattoos

Kurtis Tamanaha Image

Kurtis Tamanaha

Specializes in Polynesian/Filipino. @kurtistattoos

Temo Aldrete

Temo Aldrete

Specializes in black & gray and color realism & portrait work. @eagles.klaw


Olivia Granger

Specializes in fine line, ornamental, black work, stylized portraits. @olivia.tattoo_


Dan Collins

Specializes in single needle and mini portraits. @danielcollinsart


Casey Sullivan

Specializes in traditional tattooing with a European influence. @caseyxsullivan

What we’re up to

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Tattooing for the well informed

18. No exceptions. It is against California State Law to tattoo a minor even with parental consent. Not only do you need to be 18, but you need to prove it. Please remember to bring a valid state or federal id.
Once you’ve selected your preferred artist you can make an appointment by stopping in the shop, calling us directly or filling out the contact form with the details of your tattoo along with reference photos and preferred dates.
We have a shop minimum of $100. From there tattoo prices vary depending on artist, detail, size and placement. For a quote please submit a contact form or schedule a consultation (they’re free!).
We offer complimentary touch-ups up to 3 months after your initial tattoo appointment. Hand tattoos and foot tattoos do not apply. If your hand or foot tattoo needs a touch-up there will be a charge.
Sometimes! Certain areas on the body are more sensitive than others. The larger the tattoo the more likely it is to be uncomfortable. Smaller tattoos are usually pretty quick and easy. Keep in mind everyone has a different tolerance for pain. It’s more like a bittersweet burn, you can handle it..
Each tattoo is treated a little differently and your artist will go through the proper after care directions with you during your session. We recommend 3 products only: antibacterial unscented Dial soap, Aquaphor, and unscented Lubriderm lotion. They are all available for purchase at the shop. For the most part – keep it clean and don’t pick at it. No pools, jacuzzi’s, baths or ocean for 2 weeks after you get tattooed. Plan accordingly!
Yes. Every appointment made requires a non-refundable and non-transferable deposit. The amount of the deposit is based on the length of your appointment and the artist. It will then be deducted from the amount of your final session.

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