Chapter One Tattoo

Cash Scott

Specializes in black & gray and color realism, portrait work, and Japanese traditional @cashscotttattoo

Born and raised in California, it was easy for Cash to be influenced early on by an array of incredible art. It was within his own home that he found the most support, encouragement, and inspiration. His mother’s own interest and passion for art fueled Cashʼs creative fire at a very young age. Her beautiful hand-drawn portraits were some of the first pieces that piqued his curiosity and led him to take art classes all throughout middle and high school. Back in 2000, the youngest of his group of friends, he started custom drawing designs for their tattoos which serendipitously lead to an apprenticeship offer. Over the years he has had the opportunity to learn and tattoo beside some of the most talented artists. More so, he has had the privilege of tattooing thousands of people. He has tattooed cancer survivors, war veterans, our men and women in uniform, neighbors, friends, family and more recently his very own mother. He is most passionate about his portrait work. “When someone chooses you to permanently mark their body with a picture of a loved one well, there is no greater honor.” To date, Cash is sought out by people from all over and is best known for his realism and Japanese traditional work. Cash and his wife, Michelle, are the sole owners of Chapter One Tattoo in Ocean Beach, CA. They reside in Point Loma with their two sons and dogs, Frankie and Oreo.

Picture of Cash Scott tattooing