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Tattoos are permanent pieces of art displayed on your body. Knowing that they will last forever, it’s no surprise that people want their tattoos to be meaningful. Sure, there are some beautiful and intricate designs that you could choose from flash sheets on the walls of any tattoo shop around San Diego, but getting a custom tattoo that reflects something uniquely special to you makes for a much more personal piece. Chapter One Tattoo in San Diego, CA was born out of its owner Cash Scott’s desire to stray away from repetitive flash sheet tattoos towards more personalized and custom works of art. Since 2011, Cash Scott has been building a team of expert tattoo artists that specialize in a wide variety of styles. The focus of Chapter One Tattoo is on working closely with clients to design custom tattoos that reflect exactly what they wish to express. From personalized portraits to intricate and detailed illustrative designs, the highly professional team of artists at Chapter One Tattoo are certified experts in their field. With body art currently more popular than ever, you’ll definitely want to work with one of the reputable artists at Chapter One Tattoo to design a personal, new tattoo that will stand out from the crowd.


Styles of Neck Tattoos

Historically, neck tattoos were only seen on the more radical and hardcore side of society. Prior to tattoos becoming more socially acceptable, people with visible tattoos oftentimes had difficulty finding normal employment. These days, however, tattoos have become commonplace across the country. What was once reserved for a small section of the population is now seen across all demographics. Although still not the most popular placement for body ink, neck tattoos have become exponentially more popular in recent years.

There are a wide variety of different styles of neck tattoos available for both men and women. Mens neck tattoos and neck tattoos for females often have a lot of overlap, as the most popular designs work for all genders. Some common designs for both men and women include:

  • Flowers (lilies, edelweiss, lavender, rose tattoo etc.)
  • Geometric pattern
  • Lips
  • Script
  • Animals (birds, spiders, butterflies, wolf neck tattoo etc.)
  • Traditional neck tattoos

Certain designs fit better in different spots around the neck. Below we’ll discuss different sizes and placement locations, as well as what designs work best for each.

Small Neck Tattoos

If you’re considering a neck tattoo but don’t have a lot of experience with tattoos yet, starting small is definitely the way to go. The neck is a sensitive part of the body, so tattoos in this area can often cause serious discomfort. Many people who want neck tattoos but also want the option to hide them behind longer hair opt for small designs placed behind the ear. Smaller designs in this location are currently the most popular style of neck tattoos for men and women. Aside from single image or word neck tattoos, popular designs for this placement include:

  • Flowers
  • Birds
  • Religious neck tattoo
  • Musical notes
  • Hearts

Side Neck Tattoos

Rose tattoo on side of neck made by Darigo Bonatto
Rose tattoo made by Darigo Bonatto

A side neck tattoo can be placed on either side of the neck and is generally a larger piece. Both men and women usually get flowers in this location, with roses being the most popular design for side neck tattoos. In the past, many people got lips in this location, but as of late this design has been declining in popularity. It’s important to consider how the size of your side neck tattoo will look in proportion to your body, as this can be a tricky space to fill correctly. Aside from roses, other popular designs for this location include:

  • Spider neck tattoo
  • Eagle
  • Dogs
  • Daggers
  • Vertical script

Back of the Neck Tattoos

The back of the neck is a great location for both simple neck tattoos and complex designs. Similar to behind the ear tattoos, a back neck tattoo is convenient because it can

Back of head sacred heart tattoo by Darigo Bonatto
Sacred heart tattoo by Darigo Bonatto

easily be hidden behind longer hair. On the simpler and smaller side of tattoos in this location, trending designs include:

  • Script (both vertical and horizontal)
  • Single needle flowers
  • Astrological designs

On the larger and more complex side, popular back neck tattoo designs include:

  • Intricate geometric patterns
  • Detailed wings
  • Crosses, angel wings, and other religious tattoos

Throat Tattoos

Pair of swallowtails tattooed on the throat and jaw made by Connor Muhs
Swallowtail throat tattoo by Connor Muhs

Perhaps the most daunting of neck tattoo placements, throat tattoos are a serious commitment. Not only is this location painful to tattoo, it is also difficult and requires the skills of an expert artist to ink correctly. Throat tattoos are generally symmetrical pieces that perfectly mirror both sides of the throat, so you’ll want a tattoo artist who knows how to size your design correctly so that it looks proportional and even. A throat piece is usually a full neck tattoo, so if you’re new to tattoos this may not be the best location to start with. If you’re a veteran when it comes to tattoos and you know that a throat piece is what you’re looking for, some of the more popular designs include:

  • Birds with wings outreached
  • Animal skull/head (snake, lion, wolf, bear, etc.)
  • Geometric mandalas
  • Pyramids, eyes, and other cryptic symbols
  • Symmetrically placed horizontal script

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There are many styles and placement locations to choose from when it comes to neck tattoos. Thanks to the rising social acceptance of body ink, people from all demographics are able to get neck pieces for the most part without decreasing their hireability. That being said, you’ll definitely want to put a lot of thought into larger side and throat tattoos, as these are serious commitments. Regardless of the type of neck tattoo you are considering, you want to be sure to choose a highly skilled tattoo artist to ensure that your dream tattoo comes out looking clean and professional. If you’re looking for a great tattoo, Chapter One Tattoo is the place for you, as our artists are exceptionally trained and are certified masters of their craft. You can browse their portfolios online or stop by the shop any day of the week to discuss the neck tattoo design you’re looking for. Check out our booking options today and get your neck tattoo done right at Chapter One Tattoo.