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Kurtis Wins Award for Best Polynesian Tattoo

Have you ever been to a tattoo convention? They are held all over the world and all throughout the year, and they are a good way to get tattooed by an artist you admire who is not local to you. Some artists will attend a convention to make a vacation out of it while others will do tours across the country (or world even) visiting various conventions trying to spread their name and showcase their talent as most, if not all, conventions will have a panel of judges who will give out awards for best tattoo in various categories.

Polynesian Tribal Leg TattooRecently, from August 12 – 14, 2022, the Tattoo Collector’s Expo occurred in Arlington, Texas at the E-Sports Stadium. This is a great convention consisting of over 400+ artists from around the globe. This convention is put on annually by Sam Frederick (@sami_lynne) who owns Depiction Tattoo. Sam also is a friend of Chapter One’s and she comes out here a few times a year as a guest artist.

Representing Chapter One Tattoo, Kenny (@kennybtattoos) and Kurtis (@kurtistattoos) both regularly attend and tattoo at the convention. Last year, there was not a category for Polynesian work. Kurtis had to enter one of his Polynesian tribal tattoos under the more general “Ornamental” category. Despite the added competition of various other styles, Kurtis was able to take home the award for Best Ornamental Tattoo at the 2021 Tattoo Collector’s Expo!

As time goes on, things evolve, and as such, this year the Tattoo Collector’s Expo added a new category for Best Polynesian Tattoo. Both Kenny and Kurtis flew out to Texas again this year. Once again, Kurtis submitted one of the tattoos he made during the convention, this time under the new, more specific category. Although there were many other great artists and submissions, Kurtis was able to win again!

With the convention now over, Kurtis and Kenny are both headed back to San Diego. If you want to get tattooed by Kurtis, Kenny, or any of our other artists, fill out the appointment request form or stop on by. If you come in, make sure to swing by Kurtis’s station to check out his new award! Always keep an eye out for updates on other conventions Kurtis or our other artists will be attending to see if they will be in a town near you!