Award winning tattoo artist: Cash Scott

Born and raised in California, it wasn’t difficult for Cash to be influenced early on by an array of incredible art. However, it was within his own home that he found the strongest support, encouragement and inspiration. Family always comes first for him and in the art world, this especially applies to his mother whoʼs own interest and passion for art gave fuel to Cashʼs creative fire. Her beautiful hand-drawn portraits were some of the first pieces that piqued his curiosity. Cash also gives a lot of credit to Jose Lopez, Bob Tyrell, Tom Renshaw and of course Bill Canales for their unique and awe-inspiring work that has pushed him even further in his career.

"As long as I can remember I have been fascinated by art in all forms; from comic books and cartoons to sculpting and painting. So naturally tattooing, the most diverse form of art, became my career as an adult."

Traveling from California all the way to New York, and eventually venturing overseas, Cashʼs prolific work has pushed the envelope in tattooing. Recent visits to Europe have sparked a new wave of creative concepts for him, finding inspiration in the sculptural elements and architecture abundant in Italy. Notwithstanding, Cash began his career in 2000, at Jade Tattoo in San Diego. Heʼs worked alongside great artists such as Keith Nichols, Rory Keating and Paul Vandenberg and once again, emphasizes how working with Bill Canales not only helped to push him in tattooing, but also helped him to understand that a shop should be run in a respective, professional manner.

In fact, it was at Billʼs shop, Full Circle, that Cash found himself working with Tomas Archuleta who would eventually become one of his close friends and business partners. Within a year, ideas for Chapter One came into works and since then, thereʼs been no stopping the two.

With that being said, Cash thrives off of good friends, great music and positive influences constantly. He emphasizes that he cannot picture a life that is not involved in tattooing and could not imagine pursuing anything else.

Award winning tattoo artist: Cash Scott's Work

Award winning tattoo artist: Adam Harper's Work

Award winning tattoo artist: Paul Vandernberg's Work

Award winning tattoo artist: Adam Harper

Most people believe that growing up in a small town creates limitations. If anyone proves this myth wrong, it’s Adam Harper. Adam grew up in the small town of Clinton, Kentucky. With only 5,000 people, we’d consider that pretty small. However, as a child Adam loved to doodle and create. He would take his father’s comic books and look at all the artwork, amazed at how fascinating the art and colors were. Inspired, he would draw the super heroes: Captain America, Spiderman and Incredible Hulk. Realizing that he could imitate the art in these comics, he began to branch out, incorporating each style into his own drawings.

As Adam got older, his small town roots did create problems, at first. Even though he moved to a slightly larger town in Kentucky for the remainder of high school, there were not a lot of options for art classes. Because of this, Adam’s interest in art became nothing more than a side note in his book. He went to college and tried Mechanical engineering, but found that it was anything, but fulfilling. Because of this, he decided to take a year off to really think about what he wanted to do the rest of his life. That’s when he found a paintbrush. He thanks the music that he was listening to at the time for giving him the inspiration he needed to continue with his art. Bands like “The Fall of Troy” used great artwork on their covers and it peaked Adam’s artistic interests. He gives artists like Salvador Dali and MC Escher credit as well for influencing his style of art early in his career. Now a day it’s Sailor Jerry Collins, Jeff Rassier, Dustin Mendenhall, Terry Ribera, Grez, Todd Schor and Josh Woods.

When asked why he loves tattooing:

"It gives me a sense of what feeling alive is about. It’s my drug of choice. Since day one I wouldn’t change it for the world… that satisfaction I get from making another being happy by putting my art upon them is unexplainable… but if I had to explain. It’s like a kid at Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory and I got the golden ticket. Ha-ha… tattooing is a craft and I will do my best to come close to mastering it. It’s a passion. It’s a way of life for me. My heart is here for the love of the art. And to do my best to keep it alive..."

Adams first shop was Sacred Ink Tattoo in Paducah, Kentucky. He gives Chad Shloss thanks for giving him the opportunity to start a new way of life. He followed Sacred Ink with Inkslingers and 13 Needles out of Paducah as well. He’d also like to thank Bobby Shelbourne and Tony Evans for both artists allowing him work for them, as well as Dennis Paris, Nate Harvell, and Jay Garland who also worked for those shops. From small town Kentucky to lovely San Diego, Adam started to work at Superfly Tattoo and Propaganda Tattoo. Although both shops were great to work for, (he gives props to Robert Kaplan, Alfredo “Alfy” Iglesias, Victor Carrasco, Chris Corona, Jesse Valadez, Quinn Querrero, Shaun Kyle, Brad Burkhart, Travis Nutchart, Joe Wittenberg, and other artists that have been a great help along the way such as Chris Primm and Eric Blose at Sleeping Giant Tattoo), he was offered a position with Tomas and Cash at Chapter One, and took them up on their offer gladly.

Adam enjoys traditional tattooing, anything graphic, imaginative or creative. As long as he can make it "pop."

He would also love to thank his friends from Kentucky, Trevor Degaine, Brandon Smith, Robie Lapoint, and Alex Lane for their continuing support.

Award winning tattoo artist: Paul Vandernberg

When I first met Paul, it was easy for me to realize that he was not one for talking extensively about himself. What really struck me was his intense interest in what others had to say. I was slightly surprised by this and I am ashamed to say so, because, on the outside, Paul looks anything but reserved. The reality is, however, that Paul is one of the most observant people I know, whose attention to clients and to detail facilitates a style that is nothing less than extraordinary.

With that being said, Paul grew up in La Mesa, California. As a kid, he would race home every day just to catch his favorite television show Secret City that concentrated on teaching drawing. Subconsciously this show inspired him, at six years old, to start drawing. He also believes that his Grandmother and Aunt’s beautifully executed painted portraits lent a hand to his budding enthusiasm for art.

Although he took classes, drawing was simply a hobby for Paul, until, at eighteen, his interest in piercing brought him to his first tattoo studio. He immediately found a home in the industry. After that first visit, he continued to frequent the shop until he began piercing. Art was still his true passion of his however, and within two years he was also tattooing; apprenticing in the same shop and at the same time as Cash who, subsequently, became one of Paul’s closest friends. Paul began his career as a tattooer in February of 2002.

Early in his career he focused mainly on Tribal and to this day, Paul specializes in this medium. Notwithstanding, his affinity towards anything black and grey, such as portraits, guns and cars, as well as script lettering, has created a well-rounded style for him that is thoroughly respected and continuously awe inspiring.

After nine years in the industry, Paul strongest influences are Victor Portugal, Guy Aitchison, Aaron Cain, Rory Keating, Joshua Carlton, Robert Hernandez, Carlos Torres, Robert Pho, Marco Galdo, Bob Tyrell, and Mr. Flaks, all of which he gives many thanks to for providing him with incredible work that has challenged and pushed him further than anyone or anything else could.

Award winning tattoo artist: Albert Rivera

Originally from San Bernardino Ca. I have been painting and drawing for as long as I can remember. My dad and brother both being artists, I have always surrounded myself in anything involving art. I have been doing graffiti for about 14 yrs now. In 2011 I was I was giving the chance to apprentice under Cash Scott and Tomas Archuleta. I have been tattooing professionally now for about 2 years. I love making fun tattoos and look forward to learning all I can as I go.

Award winning tattoo artist: Albert Rivera's Work

Isaac Combs

Originally from Indiana. I have been drawing since the age of 5. My parents seeing an artistic potential, stayed on top of me about drawing. As years went on I grew to love more than just doodling. I got involved in art classes of many medium's. I moved to Arizona in 2009 seeking an apprenticeship to start my tattooing career. Got lucky and attained a formal apprenticeship under Honest Bob Gibson at Mastodon Custom Tattoo. I've been tattooing professionally for 3 years now and loving every second of it, constantly growing and progressing in this industry. I'm a down to earth, goofy, Christian guy. Come in, hang out and get tattooed!! "Fun Pokes and Great Jokes!"

To set something up call the shop or email me at

Award winning tattoo artist: Colton Phillips

I have always had the inclination to create and explore my potential with what I could do artistically. From a young age, I have always enjoyed working with my hands; whether it was wood working, tinkering in the garage and of course drawing and painting. Starting college was the point in my life when I really started taking my art seriously. Around the same is when I began getting tattooed and the combination of that, with my consistent artwork, opened my eyes to where I wanted to be in life.

Words cannot express my gratitude to Cash Scott. He gave me the opportunity to apprentice under him at Chapter One and continue to work for him following my apprenticeship. Tattooing with Cash and the rest of the crew here at Chapter One Tattoo really has allowed me to grow as an artist. It has opened my eyes to what I could achieve with hard work and dedication to the trade. Tattooing has made it possible to enjoy my work and to have a job that I love.

The constant support of all the incredible people in my life keeps me striving to be the best I can be, in all aspects of my life. I would not be where I am without them. I look forward to continuing to work hard and see where my tattooing can take me.

Chase Otis

Chase Otis Bio here


When Cash Scott first set foot into a tattoo shop as a teenager, he experienced a scenario encountered by countless individuals in similar shops throughout the world. In a word, it was intimidating.

“When I walked into that shop to get my first tattoo, it was dingy, they were blasting heavy metal, and no one came out to greet me,” Cash said. Similar stories resonate throughout even today’s tattoo industry, despite the popularity and prevalence of an art form that was once solely embraced by the individuals Cash encountered that fateful day. Tattoos are no longer assigned to the outcasts, the rebels, those who shun society and the status quo... Your boss, teacher, perhaps even mother likely has some form of ink adorning their bodies.

Cash’s first encounter would indeed prove to leave an unforgettable mark… both literally and figuratively. Freshly inked and left with a rather bitter taste on the palette, his vital tattoo experience led to the realization of two significant conclusions: 1) he would pursue tattooing as his career, and 2) if he were to ever open his own shop, it would be the polar opposite of that which he encountered his first time around.

Full Circle Tattoo in Ocean Beach would be the legendary springboard for Cash’s ultimate profession and prophecy. Working alongside shop owner, Bill Canales, the two developed a mutual respect for one another and their respective talents. Cash embraced and excelled in Japanese art, and line work; Canales was an expert in Japanese tattooing. Bill Canales was absolutely a mentor of sorts. A friendship and profound bond flourished… Thus, when Canales made the executive decision to sell the shop and move locations in 2010, Cash was understandably his first choice.

With the aid of fellow Full Circle artist and friend, Tomas Archuleta, Cash and his crew set about creating and developing something more than a mere tattoo shop. They set out to create a concept, an environment; one in which individuals from all walks of life could enter and not only feel comfortable, but confident they’d be getting premiere tattoo work by some of the finest artists in the business... period.

Cash’s vision began to take hold in August 2011, when he officially opened, Chapter One Tattoo! But in a world and city — San Diego — overrun with tattoo shops on nearly every street corner, Cash knew he needed to distinguish himself from the herd… and he did.

Not only did Cash assemble some of the finest talent “America’s Finest City” had to offer, but he also succeeded in creating the welcoming, friendly, unpretentious shop he’d envisioned since that first fateful experience so many years ago.

“Everyone in our shop is exceptionally friendly and cool,” Cash said. “They’re all laid back individuals who aren’t arrogant or judgmental. Aside from their incredible talents, I selected them as artists for those very reasons.”

The current artist lineup includes traditional tattooists, Adam Harper and Isaac Combs. Paul Vandenberg is best known for his black and grey realism, however, he also happens to be one of the best letter artists in the world. Albert Rivera has a background as a graffiti artist, yet he also attended school for illustration and graphic design. Rounding out the talent is, of course, Cash himself; who, as mentioned earlier, is at the pinnacle of exceptional line work, realistic and Japanese-style tattooing.

One need look no further than the walls adorned with various artwork in an array of mediums (all created by Chapter One tattooists) to grasp the immensity of talent present in this single shop. And, as Cash so eloquently points out, “Each and every artist incorporates that talent into their tattoo work, and the end result is a beautiful, unique piece that looks more like a photo or painting than a tattoo.”

Cash’s concept has manifested in a shop that is equal parts personal and professional, creating a warm, hospitable environment in which the artist is more intimate than intimidating. The focus is upon the relationship between artist and client; an integral aspect of an art form which will remain with a person for the duration of his or her life. Others lose sight of such things; Cash’s vision has been clear from the moment he set foot in his first tattoo shop.

-Chapter One

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