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Best Female Tattoo Artists in San Diego

There’s no doubt that tattoos are currently more popular than ever. In the past, tattoos were generally only seen on sailors and men of combat. These days, however, tattoos can be seen on people across all demographics and genders. What’s more, professional female tattoo artists can be found in just about every tattoo studio across the country. 

Chapter One Tattoo is home to four of the best and highest rated female tattoo artists in San Diego. Despite working in a historically male profession, these women have put in the time and practice to hone their skills and become masters of their craft. With specialties ranging from realistic pop art to illustrative and ornamental tattoos, these women are able to provide top notch results across the board. Read on to learn more about these expert tattoo artists and why choosing one of them for your next piece is the right choice for you.

Chapter One Tattoo: Our Female Tattoo Artists in San Diego, CA

Anna Cojocari: Born in Chisinau, Moldova to a family of talented artists, Anna knew from early on that art was her true passion. After studying Fine Art and Architecture at the University of Moldova, Anna moved to LA where she first started tattooing in 2015. San Diego and Chapter One Tattoo have been her new home for the past few years. With detailed and crisp execution, Anna specializes in multiple styles.

De V: One of the most skilled tattoo artists in San Diego, De V specializes in black-work and ornamental tattoo designs. 

Daria Pirojenko: Daria began tattooing in 2013 in a small southern city in Russia where she perfected her skill of mixing watercolor and realism. She has worked in New York and LA, and now calls San Diego her home where at Chapter One Tattoo she specializes in a realistic pop art style.

Yvonne Byers: A graduate of the Science Illustration program at California State University Monterey Bay, Yvonne has always had a passion for nature. After working as an artist in Santa Cruz, Yvonne made her way to Chapter One Tattoo where she now specializes in illustrative and botanical style tattoos. 

Why Choose a Female Tattoo Artist for Your Next Piece

When getting a new tattoo it’s important that you feel comfortable. A professional female tattoo artist is often more attuned to the emotions of their clients, so if you’re feeling nervous or apprehensive about getting a tattoo choosing a woman may help make this process easier. If you yourself are a woman and know that you would feel safer and more comfortable receiving a tattoo from a female artist, that’s totally okay. The most important thing is that you feel relaxed so that your artist can focus on providing you with a high quality beautiful piece. 

Depending on the style of the tattoo you want, it may be beneficial to have a woman’s unique perspective to help you with the design. If you’re looking for a piece that has a lot of detail, you may want the technical expertise of a top level female tattoo artist to ensure that your tattoo is perfect in every way. 

Safety Tips for Getting Your Next Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is a lifelong commitment, so be sure to do plenty of research before making any final decisions. You should look through multiple artists’ portfolios so that you can match yourself with the artist that best understands your design and specializes in the style that you are looking for. Be sure that you book an appointment at a licensed and reputable tattoo shop so that you know the proper safety regulations are being followed. When you’re finished with your tattoo, be sure to ask any and all questions you have about aftercare. You want to be sure to protect your investment and there’s no one better to ask than the expert artist who put it on you. 

Choose Chapter One Tattoo for Your Next Piece from a Female Artist in San Diego

Chapter One Tattoo has a reputation for excellence. With a wide range of female tattoo artists San Diego to choose from, each with their own innovative approach to design, Chapter One Tattoo has consistently proven why it has been rated the best tattoo shop in San Diego. Owner, Cash Scott, founded the shop with extraordinary custom tattoos in mind. 

Over the past 12 years he has brought together some of the best certified artists that are committed to providing exceptional customer service and excellent quality custom tattoos, and has an impressive shop-wide track record of satisfied clients. The shop’s clean, bright, and professional environment is inviting to all who are interested in the tattoo experience. Getting a tattoo can be a nerve racking experience. Chapter One Tattoo’s pleasant environment and broad range of talented artists aim to take the nerves out of this experience and make you feel safe and comfortable. 

If you’re looking for the best female tattoo artist to make your design a reality, Chapter One Tattoo is the place for you. WIth a wide range of artists to choose from, each with their own unique approach, specializations, and commitment to client satisfaction, you’re sure to receive a high quality experience and end product at Chapter One.

If you know that you want a tattoo from a highly qualified female artist, then check out Chapter One Tattoo’s website today for artist portfolios and information about booking appointments. Come create the design you’ve been dreaming of with our highly trained and experienced artists. You’re sure to enjoy the process and be happy with the results. 

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