Vyacheslav “Slava” Bodrov

Specializes in black and gray & color realism with a painterly influence @bodrov_artist

Born and raised in the Ukraine, Slava has been painting for his entire life. He held his first tattoo machine in an art class in college and hasn’t looked back since. He has owned 2 shops himself back in the Ukraine and recently decided to call California and Chapter One his new home. In addition to studying sculpting, he is well versed in both oil and acrylic painting. All these elements combined have transformed into a wildly unique style of tattooing. When not tattooing, Slava can be found spending time with his family or kicking some ass in Jitjitsu. Fun Fact: In addition to being fluent in both Ukrainian and English, he can understand both Polish and German and has lived in 4 different countries. Request Appt