Mike Villalobos

Specializes in black and gray realism/portrait work. @Mike_v_tattoo

This San Diego native has a unique story on how he wound up at Chapter One. Mike has always loved art and has been drawing for as long as he can remember. However, it wasn’t until Cash himself stumbled upon his Instagram page and offered him an apprenticeship did he ever think he would be tattooing! Mike’s niche was stylized portraits mostly of his loved ones, favorite musicians and entertainers. Once approached with the opportunity of a life time, this single dad and construction worker knew this was the break he was looking for. After a few years studying under Cash and the rest of the team, Mike is now tattooing full time and killin’ it! When he’s not in the shop you can find him playing barbies with his beautiful daughter, Reagan. Fun Fact: Mikes favorite tattoo is one he gave himself and it’s of an illustration from him and his daughters favorite book. *Blubby’s not tattooing, yet. For now he serves as our shop mascot, employee of the year, and dear confidant. Request Appt