Albert Dexx

Specializes in black and gray, fine line, and ornamental pattern design @Albert_dexx

Originally from San Bernadino, Albert comes from a family of artists. As the son of a painter and wood carver and brother to a sculptor, Albert was motivated at a young age to get his own hands into the artistic world. Who knew a lettering book he bought at the school book fair would lead to a fascinating interest in graffiti and later on to a very successful career in tattooing. His exceptional attention to detail and wild imagination have allowed him to create some of the most intricate custom designs for his clients. His passion for travel, fondness of photography and love for  a good music festival, all help contribute to some of the most beautiful tattoos to ever come out of So Cal. To this day, his graffiti murals can be found in many areas in San Diego as well as Los Angeles and Las Vegas. When he’s not tattooing you can find him taking art classes around San Diego and planning his next travel adventure. Fun Fact: He plays a mean mouth trumpet, we swear. Request Appt